IBM certification course

About Course

The Business Intelligence Analyst career path prepares students to understand report building techniques using relational data models. They will also learn how to enhance, customize, and manage professional reports and will then further be explained about Active reports content and functionality.

Learning objectives

After completing this course, you should be able to:

The importance of analytics and how it’s transforming the world today

Understand how analytics provided a solution to industries using real case studies

Explain what analytics, the various types of analytics, is and how to apply it

Understand how business analysis software works, and its architecture

Describe a reporting application, its interface, and the different report types

Create different types of advanced reports

Understand Active Reports and how to create them Prerequisite Skills

English proficiency

Microsoft Windows operating system basic experience

Basic Internet and web browser usage experience

Knowledge of an organization’s business intelligence and reporting needs

Basic database background is preferred

Basic knowledge of XML is preferred

Learning Modules (syllabus)

Module I - Analytics Overview

Business Analytics Overview, Trends, Case Studies

Understanding Business Intelligence and Analytics

Module II - Business Analytics Foundations

Business Intelligence Overview

Reports and Metadata models

Module III - Business Intelligence Analyst

Introduction of Reporting Application

List Reports and Crosstab Reports

Data graphics (charts, numerals, visualization)

Parameters and prompts

Query models and relationships (using SQL)

Advanced dynamic reports

Data sorting using effective prompts

Report distribution through Bursting

Data user interaction with HTML

Active Reports

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